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The use of masks goes back to the 1800s when inventors developed masks for the miners and soldiers. We still have our soldiers outfitted with gas masks.

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Q: How long have people been wearing masks?
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How long have masks been out since?

long, long ago.

How long have masks been around?

Nobody knows for certain how long masks have been around. We do know that many ancient civilizations, such as in the Americas and India, used masks to portray gods and animals that were important to their daily lives.

How long have venetian masks been around in Italy?

venetian masks have mainly been around since the late 1500's

How long did people keep their gas masks after the war?

about 50 yrs.

History of masks?

Long time ago: People used masks for reenacting events or just for fun.Today: People have made robots to work the puppets reenacting people using them back in the long time ago because now they are too lazy to do anything. They also have different masks now even for your dick!

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How long did it take to get the gas mask right?

right depends on what the mast was being used for. even todays masks do not provide protection from everything. during WWI and II, the gas masks were pretty good. it was just such a hassle to put them on in time and try to fight while wearing them.

When were masks first worn?

No-one can tell for sure. It may be that masks existed very long ago, but because those masks were probably made of wood or other biological materials, they haven't been preserved over the years.

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From day one. Judges were wearing black robes long before there was a US Supreme Court.

What are the disinfection tips for coronavirus?

One tip is that wearing masks for non-sicked people wearing can be more dangerous, But sicked people should wear them. So if one person didn't wore the masks, don't say them to wear them, just leave them alone and look he or she gets the Virus. They will not get it! The most important fact is that masks don't prevent getting CoronaVirus. If you see the news, they said " We don't have any masks so we will get new ones," But did you ever heard news saying " masks prevent Corona Virus, So everyone please wear them." they never said it! Do you know why they don't say that, because it is non-true news. If the news says non-true news, they don't get to stay in that place they should get out. Please Copy- Paste this message and share it to everyone. And please don't add anything :) Thanks for reading my long letter :D

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