How long is military break?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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During the Vietnam War, that was called a "smoke break." Long enough time to smoke a cigarette. Added to that command was, "...if you don't have one, borrow one from your buddy!"

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Q: How long is military break?
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Why is there a separate category for military law?

Members of the military are bound by UCMJ or the Uniform Code Of Military Justice and will be tried in military court when they break a law

Can I purchase tobacco products underage with military dependent ID?

No. Being a military dependent does not allow you to break the law.

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I use Break Free. The military uses it so I do to.

Can a military family break their lease due to financial hardship?

No. That is not a breach by the landlord.

Who has declared martial law in history?

Argentina had suffer plenty of regimes by the military power, that started like that, the government breaks up, so the military takes over and stays in power for long periods of time, now days its been discovered that the military actually caused the government to break, now days Argentina is a democratic country

What does 'on leave' mean in world war 2?

On an authorised break at home or away from a military unit. It's still used by the military now.

What does disban mean?

To break up something like a military unit that is no longer needed.

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