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Over 58,000 US Servicemen were killed in the war.

58,169 were killed and 304,000 wounded out of 2.59 million who served.

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Q: How many American troops were KIA in the Vietnam war?
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How many US individuals are listed as being killed in action -Kia - during the Vietnam War?

KIA - 58219

How many us chopper gun men were killed in Vietnam?

Over 2,000 US helicopter crewmen were KIA in the Vietnam War.

How many causalities were there from the America side South Vietnam North Vietnam?

Vietnam war casualties were approximately as follows : - USA : 58,209 KIA (killed in action) - North Vietnam Army + NLF (communists fighting in South Vietnam, often called Viet Cong) : 800'000 KIA (+300'000 MIA : missing in action) - Vietnamese civillians : from 900'000 to 4'000'000 killed - South Vietnam Army : 250'000 KIA + casualties from allied countries, like Australia or South Korea.

Was media a cause to why America pulled out troops from Vietnam?

Media would definitely be a reason that the country had a negative point of view of many events that took place in Vietnam. The reasons for pulling out of Vietnam tie to our troops being put into a dangerous situation for an extended period of time and the number of casualties being so high. There were nearly 17,000 KIA during 1968 alone and the US was involved in the war for 10 years. I have seen information that states Nixon pulled the troops due to the Vietnamese winning the war, but that could be the opinion of the author.

How many troops died in Vietnam?

Below is a list of nations and the number of soldiers KIA. Vietnamese figures are estimates, and do not include civilians or guerrilla fighters. United States Killed: 58,260 North Vietnam about 1.1 million South Vietnam about 1,740 China 1,446 USSR 16 Philippines 7 Thailand 351 Australia 426 New Zealand 55 Total 1,162,301

US Kia Vietnam war?


What countries helped Britain in World War 1?

Australia Troops Committed: 412,953 Killed In Action: 61,928 Wounded: 152,171 Casualty %: 52% Belgium Troops Committed: 267,000 Killed In Action: 38,172 Wounded: 44,686 Casualty %: 31% Canada Troops Committed: 628,964 Killed In Action: 64,944 Wounded: 149,732 Casualty %: 34% France Troops Committed: 8,410,000 Killed In Action: 1,397,800 Wounded, 4,266,000 Casualty %: 67% Greece Troops Committed: 230,000 KIA: 26,000 Wounded: 21,000 Casualty %: 20% India Troops Committed: 1,440,437 KIA: 74,187 Wounded: 69,214 Casualty %: 10% Italy Troops Committed: 5,615,000 KIA: 651,010 Wounded: 953,886 Casualty %: 29% Japan Troops Committed: 800,000 KIA: 415 Wounded: 907 Casualty %: <1% Montenegro Troops Committed: 50,000 KIA: 3,000 Wounded:10,000 Casualty %: 26% New Zealand Troops Committed: 128,525 KIA: 18,050 Wounded: 41,317 Casualty %: 46% Portugal Troops Committed: 100,000 KIA: 7,222 Wounded: 13,751 Casualty %: 21% Romania Troops Committed: 750,000 KIA: 250,000 Wounded: 120,000 Casualty %: 49% Russia Troops Committed: 12,000,000 KIA: 1,811,000 Wounded: 4,950,000 Casualty %: 56% Serbia Troops Committed: 707,343 KIA: 275,000 Wounded: 133,148 Casualty %: 58% South Africa Troops Committed: 136,070 KIA: 9,463 Wounded: 12,029 Casualty %: 16% United Kingdom Troops Committed: 6,211,922 KIA: 886,342 Wounded: 1,665,749 Casualty %: 41% United States Troops Committed: 4,355,000 KIA: 116,708 Wounded: 205,690 Casualty %: 7% Total Troops Committed: 42,243,214 KIA: 5,691,241 Wounded: 12,809,280 Casualty %: 44% Yes I am aware that I included Britain in the list, but I figured since I was giving the stats for all the other countries I might as well include theirs.

How many first Armored division troops were Kia?

1,194 men were KIA as members of the 1st Armored Division during WW 2. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

How many american casualties were there in the vietnam war?

Over 58,000 dead, and over 300,000 wounded.

How many Troops were there in the Vietnam war?

The Army had around 4,368,000 members. The Marines had about 794,000. The Navy generally had 1,842,000. Lastly, the Air Force probably had about 1,740,000.

How many soldiers were KIA in the Vietnam war?

According to official figures:South Vietnam: 220,357United States: 58,159 (plus 2000 missing but not officially presumed dead)South Korea: 4,960Laos: 30,000Australia: 520New Zealand: 37Thailand: 1,351North Vietnam: 1,176,000 (includes South Vietnamese Viet Cong forces)China: 1,446Soviet Union: 16

Were there any actors killed in the Vietnam war?

Earl Flynn's son Sean was MIA (civilian correspondent); Jimmy Stewart's step son was KIA (USMC Lieutenant); Chuck Norris's brother was KIA (101st Abn Div) in Vietnam.