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1.8 million

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your mommy

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Q: How many German soldiers were executed for desertion?
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How many British Soldiers were executed for desertion and cowardice?

306 british soldiers got executed for cowardice in World War One.

During World War 2 how many US Soldiers were executed by the US Government?

A total of 102 for rape or murder and Private Eddie Slovik for desertion.

During World War 1 how many US Soldiers were executed by the US Government?

A total of 10, all for rape or murder. None for the military crime of desertion.

How many men were shot for cowardist in world war 1?

About 150,000 soldiers deserted from the German Army, many of them fled to neutral countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland. Only 18 from those caught were executed. In WW2 10,000 deserters were shot.

How many soldiers were executed by firing squad in World War 2?

Of all the United States soldiers charged with desertion during World War II, only Private Edward "Eddie" Donald Slovik was executed, late in the war, just after the Battle of the Bulge.

How many German soldiers were wounded in ww1?

4,247,143 German soldiers were wounded in battle during the Great War.

How many German soldiers returned from the eastern front in World War 2?

how many german soldiers returned to germany after the war.

How many German soldiers wounded in the battle of Britain?

There were approximately 2,550 German soldiers wounded in the Battle of Britain.

Were any US soldiers executed in the UK and if so how many and where was the place of execution?

I don't know of any Executed in the U.K. Pte.Eddie Slovik (of Detroit Mich.)was in Company G, 109th Inf.Regt. 28th Div.U.S.Army. He was the 1st soldier to be shot for desertion since the American Civil War. 21,049 were tried and found guilty of desertion. 49 were sentenced to death Slovik was the only one executed,he wrote to Gen. Eisenhower begging clemency, but so many were deserting that an example had to be made and he died by firing squad on Jan.31.1945 near Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines in France. He was buried with 94 other American soldiers who were executed for other crimes such as rape and murder. Their tombstones had only a number and no names. His remains were returned to his wife Antoinette in Michigan in 1987,for burial. Go to a search engine(Google) and type in 'military executions'. You will see quite a number of hits. This is one that has good info on that subject It said there were 19 GI's executed in the UK during WW2. Check it out and other sites to get the full story. John

What was one reason for the German surrender on 1918?

Many German soldiers were no longer willing to fight.

How many German soldiers came to Jersey in the occupation?


How many German soldiers were killed during World War 2?

5.53 Million German Soldiers were reportedly to be killed during World War 2.