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The generally accepted figure is about 6 million.

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There were 6 million people that died

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Q: How many Jewish people were murdered during the Holocaust?
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Do Jewish people go in the holocacust?

Yes. 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

Why were people murdered during the Holocaust plus?

11 Million people were murdered in the Holocaust. 6 million Jews and about 5 in a half Million "others".

Why was the holocaust unfair?

because for no reason, and with out warning, millions and millions of defenseless Jewish people were murdered.

What does the term Nazi have to do with to the Holocaust?

Nazi's put lots of Jewish people in concentration camps and then murdered most of them this event ws known as the holocaust

When were the Jewish people badly treated?

Jewish people were treated horribly during the holocaust

Who were being attacked during the Holocaust?

Jewish people

Did any Jewish people renounce being Jewish during the Holocaust?

Yes, but being Jewish in the Holocaust was not judged by one's self, it was determined by the Nazis.

What civil rights did Jews have inthe Holocaust?

The Jewish people had absolutely no rights during the Holocaust.

How many people died in Australia during the Jewish holocaust?


What was the job of the allies during the Holocaust?

to liberate people of the Jewish faith

Why was there persecution of the Jewish people during the Holocaust?

it was one of the principles of Nazism.

Who was the leader who ordered people into concentration camps and ordered them to be murdered during the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler