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The VPAF destroyed 91 American aircraft in air to air combat in the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese claim they had 16 aces Top Vietnamese Aces Kills (*) Comments UnitPlane Nguyen Van Coc 9 (7) 2 F-4Ds, 1 F-4B, 2 F-105Fs, 1 F-105D and 1 F-102A 921 FR MiG-21PF Nguyen Hong Nhi 8 (3) 1 UAV, 1 F-4D, 1 F-105D. Downed once 921 FR MiG-21 Pham Thanh Ngan 8 (1) 1 RF-101C 921 FR MiG-21F-13 Mai Van Cuong 8 (?) - 921 FR MiG-21 Dang Ngoc Ngu 7 (1) 1 F-4C on May 22 1967 921 FR MiG-21 Nguyen Van Bay 7 (5) 2 F-8s, 1 F-4B, 1 A-4C and 1 F-105D 923 FR MiG-17F Nguyen Doc Soat 6 (5) 3 F-4Es, 1 F-4J, 1 A-7B 927 FR MiG-21PFM Nguyen Ngoc Do 6 (2) 1 F-105F, 1 RF-101C 921 FR MiG-21 Nguyen Nhat Chieu 6 (2) 1 F-4 (w/MiG-17), 1 F-105D 921 FR MiG-17 & MiG-21 Vu Ngoc Dinh 6 (5) 3 F-105Ds, 1 F-4D, 1 HH-53C 921 FR MiG-21 Le Thanh Dao 6 (2) 1 F-4D, 1 F-4J 927 FR MiG-21PFM Nguyen Danh Kinh 6 (3) 1 F-105D, 1 EB-66C, 1 UAV 921 FR MiG-21 Nguyen Tien Sam 6 (1) 1 F-4E 927 FR MiG-21PFM Le Hai 6 (2) 1 F-4C, 1 F-4B 923 FR MiG-17F Luu Huy Chao 6 (1) 1 RC-47 606 ACS 923 FR MiG-17F Nguyen Van Nghia 5 (1) - 927 FR MiG-21PFM (*) The number in parenthesis indicate how many of the claims match with US losses reported so far. As you can see the number of kills claimed by these pilots exceeds 91 aircraft which is the number confirmed by American forces during the Vietnam War. The kills claimed by the VPAF are obviously exaggerated in this list. If in fact the VPAF had as many aces as they claim many of these kills had to have been AQM-34 unmanned aerial vehicles, as many were indeed lost in aerial combat. As far as manned aircraft losses go if the VPAF even had as many as 10 aces then these would have had to have been the only VPAF pilots to score victories at all, because any more aces would have put the losses over 91, which would be over the number of actual losses suffered by the US. We will never know exactly how many aces the VPAF had, if any. But if in fact the VPAF had several aces, in order to not exceed the actual number of losses, and not state that only 10 pilots scored aerial victories, then there is no way that the North Vietnamese had any more than 5 aces at the most.

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This question is highly debatable. The VPAF scored 91 kills against U.S. manned aircraft in the Vietnam War. Therefore if the VPAF did in fact create 13 aces as they claim, that means no more than 15 or so VPAF pilots ever scored aerial victories at all. The number of VPAF pilots credited with five or more victories may be more numerous than their U.S. counterparts, but unless many of the kills scored by the VPAF pilots were unmanned aircraft, which many were, than there is no way that the VPAF had any more than 5 or so aces.

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Q: How many MIG-21 Ace's did North Vietnam have?
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How many people died during the Vietnam war in North Korea?

Korea and Vietnam were separate wars.

Who was and important citizen in Vietnam?

Probably the most important citizen of Vietnam during the Vietnam War period was Ho Chi Minh. He was the president of North Vietnam and considered a hero to many.

What was the result of the Vietnam war on the home front?

Vietnam was split into 2 separate countries north and south then the north attacked the south and after many years of guerrilla warfare the north won then communism spread through out the country and reunification of the country.

As a result of the Vietnam war how many casualities were there from the American side south Vietnam and north Vietnam?

US: 58,000 dead; 300,000 wounded. S. Viets: approximately 200,000 dead. NVA/VC: Estimated at 1,000,000 dead.

What was the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam Conflict, popularly known as the Vietnam War (also known as the Second Indochina War and colloquially as Vietnam or Nam as well as the American War or Kh�ng chiến chống Mỹ [lol in English please], the Resistance War Against America in Vietnam) was a conflict in which the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRVN, or North Vietnam) and its allies fought against the Republic of Vietnam (RVN, or South Vietnam) and its allies. North Vietnam's allies included the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China. South Vietnam's main allies included the United States, South Korea and Australia all of who deployed large numbers of troops. US combat troops were involved from 1959 until their official withdrawal in 1973. A large number of civilian casualties resulted from the war, which ended on April 30, 1975 with the capitulation of South Vietnam. It was a war in which the united states got into to fight off communism The Vietnam War was a war based on the separation of the country Vietnam. North Vietnam was communist and South Vietnam was Republic. The Fighting started when North Vietnam wanted to unite the North and the South and establish a communist government. The United States stepped in and backed up the South. The fighting started with the North saying they were going to unite the country and the South and the US saying that they were fighting off communist. The US drafted soldiers to the war and many of them died. After, 15 years of fighting North Vietnam won and established a unified but communist Vietnam. The Vietnam war is considered to be the only war that the US has ever lost.

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How many people died during the Vietnam war in North Korea?

Korea and Vietnam were separate wars.

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How many countries invaded Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

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Who was and important citizen in Vietnam?

Probably the most important citizen of Vietnam during the Vietnam War period was Ho Chi Minh. He was the president of North Vietnam and considered a hero to many.

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