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If you want a list of all members of all Scottish Regiments, that would be difficult to provide. A lesson the British learned from WW2 was if you an entire Regiment served in one campaign or battle, then if that regiment suffered high loss of life that it would have a detrimental impact on the region or town from where the regiment was organized. Therefore, British Regiments(including those designated as Scottish Regiments) were divided into Battalions and each battalion would serve in a different part of the war. Thus the battalion designated 1 Royal Scots would be sent to one campaign and the 2 Royal Scotts were sent to another. This kind of info might be available.

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There were several regiments in the British army that were Scottish designation.

The Royal Scots Regiment

The London Scottish -the Gordan Highlanders

Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders

Gordon Highlanders

Black Watch

The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

The Royal Scots Fusiliers

Seaforth Highlanders

The King's Own Scottish Borders

The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons)

The Scots Guard (of the Imperial Guards)

The Lowland Regiment

The Highland Regiment

The last two were training regiments. Each of these Regiments served in WW2 with several combat battalions and one training battalion. This allowed different battalions to serve in different theaters of WW2.

In addition to these regiments, the Canadian army had regiments that were extensions of those of the British Army. Many had the same name as their British counterpart. Here are some additional regiments.

48th Highland Regiment.

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I was looking for that answer myself.

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Q: How many Scottish regiments fought in World War 1?
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