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President Eisenhower sent US Military Advisers to South Vietnam in 1955.

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Q: How many US soldiers first went to the Vietnam War?
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How many Kingdom of Laos soldiers went to the Vietnam war?


How many soldiers were killed in veitnam?

there were about 300,000 deaths in vietnam out of the 500,000 that went

What kind of soldiers went to the Vietnam war?


What did soldiers think about the draft in Vietnam?

They thought it was a great idea then they went there and said,"Remind me why we did this?". They hated it.

How many Korean soldiers went to Vietnam?

Probably about 150,000 ROKs served in the Viet War. The ROKs were the second largest allied force in the war.

How many South Korea soldiers went to the vietnam war?

Not all of the ROKs (Republic of South Korea) were soldiers, some may have been ROK Marines. ROK deployed approximately 150,000 fighting men to RVN (Republic of South Vietnam) during the war.

Did Australian soldiers enter the war by choice?

Yes, during WW1 and WW2, there was no conscriprtion (compulsory military service). Soldiers went to war by choice. But in the Vietnam war, conscription was introduce in Australia and the soldiers were forced for the Vietnam war to go and fight.

Was there any Maltese in Vietnam?

I'm not sure , but i once was told that 10 maltese soldiers went to the vietnam war, but don't count on me, i'm not sure. thanks.

Why did the US soldiers first go to Vietnam in 1961?

GIs first went to Vietnam in 1954 under President Eisenhower's administration to assess the situation, the first US servicemen to die there occurred in the 50's. Kennedy sent the Green Beret there in '61/'62. To bolster the anti-communist forces.

How many New Zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli?

14,000 new zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli

Was Eisenhower president when the US first went to Vietnam?


Effect of US soldiers to Vietnam during Vietnam war?

Draftees served their two years for Uncle Sam; one year tour in Vietnam, then went home. Usually going to college on the GI bill.