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Over 2,000 were killed. You may see a higher figure, but those numbers may be counting helicopter crewmen (door gunners, crew chiefs, etc.).

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Q: How many Warrant Officer helicopter pilots killed in Vietnam?
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When was the last US General officer killed in combat?

Keith Ware commander 1st Cav Division. Killed when his helicopter was shot down in vietnam. Thinking 1968

Who was the first Australian killed in the Vietnam war?

01 June '63: SGT William Hacking, accidental firearm discharge. 06 July '64: Warrant Officer Kevin Conway, KIA.

How many us chopper gun men were killed in Vietnam?

Over 2,000 US helicopter crewmen were KIA in the Vietnam War.

What was the life expectancy of a fighter pilot in Vietnam?

Nearly 12,000 US helicopters & approximately 40,000 US helicopter pilots served in the Vietnam War. Over 5,000 US helicopters were destroyed and nearly 5,000 US helicopter crewmen were killed in Vietnam. Of those 5000 dead crewmen, about 2,000 were helicopter pilots.

What was the movie about the first American battle of the Vietnam war?

There's one titled "A Bright Shining Lie" about the battle of Ap Bac in January 1963. Starring Bill Paxton as USA officer John Paul Vann. True story; Vann was killed during the battle of Kontum in Vietnam in 1972 in a helicopter crash.

How many U.S. Army officers were killed in Vietnam?

Nearly 7,000 US military officers perished in Vietnam.

How us air men have died in combat?

During the Vietnam War, approximately 2,000 UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) helicopter crewmen were killed.

Who was the first us naval officer killed in Vietnam?

This might give you a starting point, website: Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall. They have an information column that address's particulars.

How many were killed in Vietnam by accident?

American military personnel: Approximately 10,800. Seven of the eight US military females killed in the Vietnam War were by accident; one jeep accident, one helicopter accident, five killed in a C-5 Galaxy transport plane crash (Operation Baby Lift) and one female nurse was killed in action when a communist rocket exploded in her medical station.

How many Vietnamese were killed by America in Vietnam?

The Vietnam government claimed that about 400,000 Vietnamese were killed by America in Vietnam.

How many US Marines Killed in Vietnam?

Approximately 6,600 US MILITARY officers and nearly 15,000 US Marines were killed in Vietnam. An educated estimation of USMC officer losses during the war might be about 2,000 or 3,000 US Marine Corps officers killed during the conflict; given the tradition of the "leading from the front" and aggressiveness of the Marine Corps. US Army officer losses were also high, but army officers tend to let the air support and artillery do most of the fighting before they'll march into the woodline. US Air Force officer losses were primarily jet pilots and their aircrewmen.

What unit was roy James mrosewske assigned to when he was killed in Vietnam on May 10 1969?

He was a member of the B/1/9 3rdMarDiv, which is read as Bravo company 1st battalion 9th regiment of the 3rd marine division. According to the USMC helicopter association, he was killed in action after his CH-64 Seaknight helicopter lost power and crashed in Quang Tri Province.