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to many

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Q: How many air raids on Portsmouth during ww2?
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Most German air attacks or air raids occurred during what time of day?

what is a series of air raids?

Who invented air raids themselves?

The Luftwaffe invented air raids during the Spanish Civil War.

Where did people go during air raids and why?

during air raids people went into an air raid shelter , because it would be made out of thick concrete that would shelter and protect you from any ,type of bomb.

How did they alert people during World War 2?

In Britain they had many sirens to alert people to air raids.

Where did people go during the air-raids and why?

During air-raids, people went to things called Air-Raid Shetlers, which would be thick walls of concrete. It would be safe during the wars because the bombs wouldn't be able to hit them.

How many air raids were there in Sheffield?


What is a series of air raids during world war 2?


What did the French people do during air raid attacks during World War 1?

The French were not bothered by air raids.

Who was known for his air raids?

Who's air raids?

Is air raids a verb?

Air raids is a noun.

When were air raids invented?

As soon as aircraft (and that includes airships and blimps) were capable of carrying bombs. There were many air raids in WWI.

What is a series of air raids?

A series of air raids refers to multiple coordinated attacks conducted from the air on specific targets such as military bases, industrial sites, or population centers. These raids are typically carried out by aircraft armed with bombs or missiles for the purpose of causing damage or destruction.