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In Vietnam, the US Air Force, Navy, and Marines lost approximately: 1. 266 propeller driven A-1 Skyraiders (a WW2 Navy Dive Bomber-film: Rescue Dawn). 2. 105 A-7 Corsair II's. 3. 22 A-26 Invaders 4. 22 A-37 Dragonflys 5. 19 Puff the Magic Dragon Gunships (DC-3/C-47). 6. 5 AC-119 Gunships 7. 6 AC-130 Spectre Gunships 8. 20 Skywarriors 9. 362 A-4 Skyhawks (Senator McCain's jet) 10. 86 A-6 Intruders (film: Flight of the Intruder). 11. 30 B-52 Stratofortress Bombers 12. 58 B-57 Canberra Bombers 13. 20 C-7 Caribou transport planes 14. 21 C-47 Skytrains 15. 54 C-123 Providers 16. 60 C-130 Transport planes 17. 2 C-141 Starlifters 18. 14 EB-66 Destroyers 19. 500 (plus) 0-1 Bird Dog Artillery Observation Airplanes (Ravens, Army, Air Force, Marines, etc.) 20. 104 0-2 Skymaster observation airplanes 21. 81 OV-10 Bronco observation/attack airplanes 22. 4 P-2 Neptunes 23. 2 P-3 Orions 24. 26 RA-50 Vigilantes 25. 2 SR-71 Blackbirds (high altitude reconnaissance planes) 26. 1 U-2 (high altitude reconnaissance plane) 27. 242 F-100 Supersabre jet fighter/bombers 28. 38 F-101 Voodoo jet fighter/reconnaissance aircraft 29. 14 F-102 Delta Daggers (President Bush Jr.'s jet) 30. 14 F-104 Starfighters (see book: Journey Into Darkness, by Phillip Smith) 31. 397 F-105 Thunderchiefs (see book: Thud Ridge) 32. 758 F-4 Phantom II's (last US ACE's of the 20th century) 33. 9 F-5 Freedom fighters (normally operated by the South Viet Government) 34. 170 F-8 Crusaders (See film: History Channel/The Last Gunfighter) This is a partial list of fixed wing losses in Vietnam. Helicopters would be a separate list.

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During the Vietnam War, the following number of aircraft were lost in the war: 1. 500 O-1 Bird Dog artillery observation spotter planes 2. 240 F100 Super Sabre jet fighter bombers 3. 30 F101 Voodoo jet Reconnaissance fighter bombers 4. 14 F102 Delta Dagger jet fighter bombers 5. 14 F104 Starfighters jet fighters 6. 390 F105 thunderchief jet fighter bombers 7. 700 F4 Phantom II jet fighter bombers 8. 170 F8 Crusader jet fighters 9. 106 A7 Corsair II jet fighter bombers 10. 84 A6 Intruder all weather medium attack bombers 11. 30 B52 heavy bombers 12. 266 A1 Skyraiders (propeller driven airplanes) 13. 6 AC-130 Spectre gunships 14. 1 U2 spyplane 15. 2 SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance planes And approximately 8,000 rotor wing aircraft (helicopters) were lost in the war.

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Well over 2,000 fixed wing aircraft were downed during the Viet War (rotor-wing aircraft are helicopters).

Amongst the jets were:

1. Nearly 800 F4 Phantoms

2. Nearly 400 F105 Thunderchiefs

3. Approximately 362 A4 Skyhawks

4. 242 F100 Super Sabres

5. 30 B52 Stratofortress bombers

6. 266 A1 Skyraiders

7. 14 F104 Starfighters

8. 15 F102 Delta Daggers

9 2 SR71 Blackbirds

10. 1 U2 Spyplane

11. 5 AC-130 Spectres

12. 500 O-1 Bird Dogs

Too name a few.

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Some sources state 5,000 helicopters; some sources state 8,000 were lost in the war. Most sources indicate in excess of 2,000 jets/fixed-wing aircraft were lost in the war.

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Q: How many aircraft did the US lose in the Vietnam war?
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