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6-7 nillion people

about 20 percent of french population is of algerian origin

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Q: How many algerians went to France after the algerian war of independence?
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How many Algerians are living in France?

There are different estimations about the numbers of Algerians in France. The French national body of statistics INSEE puts the figure at 1.7 million Algerian nationals. People born before Algerian independence in 1962 are not included, since they weren't at the time any Algerians, but only French citizens. In the number are included only the people holding Algerian citizenship, or dual Algerian-French citizenship. The people of Aglerian descent, holding French citizenship only, aren't included (since they are only French).The largest estimate, by an Algerian-based association, puts the figure at about 4 milion people, but includes all people of Algerian descent, regardless of their date of birth or actual citizenship.

How many people died in the Algerian War of Independence?

Martyrs Algier who have been passed during the Algerian War of Independence were 55,000 Martyrs.

What languages are spoken in Algeria?

Arabic is the sole official language of Algeria. French, the language introduced during the period of colonial rule (1830-1962) by France, is also used in business and education. A minority of Algerians speak a Berber language known as Kabyle.Officially and generally on the whole, Algerians speak Arabic, in particular Algerian Arabic.However, the Algerian government also recognizes Berber languages, whose speakers are known as Imazighen. Tamazight is also recognized. Also, from colonial rule, many Algerians speak French.The first language they speak is algerian and their second language is frenchArabic is the main language of algeriaThe majority of people living in Algeria speak French or Arabic. Algeria was a colony of France which is why they speak French and Algeria is also primarily Muslim, so that is why people there speak Arabic.they speak frenchFrench.Arabic ( Dardja)Algeria used to be a french colony.It would depend on who "they" are.Yes, but only as a second language. The main language is Arabic. Algeria is a former French colony (from 1830 to 1962) and French was the mandatory language in schools. It is still widely taught as Algeria still has strong ties with France (96% of the expatriated Algerians live in France).algerian dialect, arabic and french

Are there many diseases in Algeria?

No, There is not many diseases- they are a lot. Poor Algerians they have to suffer it. I typed it in the Internet search and I clicked on BBC News something located to diseases and it said that Algerian people fear of a disease called Cholera- Its only in Algeria- LUCKY WE DON'T LIVE THERE!!

How has the traditional view of family changed for urban Algerians?

Many Algerians who live in cities are Arab, while some of them are Berber

How did Algeria gain its independence?

Algeria gained its independence by fighting the colonial power, France, in an extremely bitter war fought in two stages between 1954 and 1962. In 1962 just over a million French settlers fled (or were expelled) and many Algerians who had worked with the French were tortured and/or lynched ... There's an excellent film (in the style of a documentary) on the later phases of the war. It is known by the titles Bataille d'Alger and Battaglia di Algeri or in English: Battle of Algiers). (For political reasons was filmed in Algeria and Italy. The film was immediately banned in France). The war was singularly vicious and led to the collapse of the Fourth Republic in France; it also brought Charles de Gaulle back to power. Originally, it was assumed that he would keep Algeria for France. In 1961, when he announced plans for Algerian independence, there was an attempt by some units of French Army to march on Paris and remove him! The whole saga has left scars in France.

Why do so many Algerians work in other countries?

to get money!!

What are some algerian animals?

Some algerian animals are panthers,hyenas,monkeys,apes,and many more.

How many parties are there in the Algerian government?


How many algerians died during World War 2?

Around 1,000 Algerians died during World Way 2, 600 from Military Deaths and 400 Civilian Deaths.

Did Algeria ever have wars?

Yes, there have been many wars for thousands of years in North Africa. Most recently the Algerians fought for years to regain their independence from France, a war which culminated in the creation of the modern, independent state of Algeria in 1961. Many Algerians fought as part of the French military in WWII. The first land combat against the Germans after the US entered WWII involved landings in Morocco and Algeria November 8, 1942. There was not much actual combat in Algeria, but Algiers was an important headquarters city for a time, and Allied airfields operated at Tebessa and Bone.

How many Algerian players have played for Glasgow Rangers?


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