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i think it was 7 or so

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Q: How many battles did general lee win?
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What kind of tactics did General Robert E. Lee used to win so many battles?

Lee was a master of defense, and was very bold and audacious on the attack, splitting his army in the face of a stronger foe to win several battles.

Why did the union fail to win major battles in the east?

General Robert E Lee was there, and at the time he was considered the best strategic general, however the Union did win a few battles in the east, like when Lee marched into Maryland, and at Gettysburg

How many battles did General Sherman win?

it is unanswered

How many battles did General Douglas Haig win?


Which battle did general lee win?

His major victories were: Seven Days Battles Fredericksburgh Chancellorsville Second Manassas The Wilderness Spotsylvania Cold Harbor

What general won most battles by accident?

The most famous case of an accidental win was Antietam in September 1862, when a copy of Lee's orders was dropped in the field and taken to Union headquarters. They revealed important tactical movements, which gave McLellan the advantage. However McLellan did not win many other battles, and certainly not by accident.

What battles did general thomas gage win?


Did Robert E Lee win the Mexican War?

Robert E Lee was an army engineer in the command of General Scott in 1847 and help in the battles of Vera Cruz to Mexico City.

How do you unlock Gai in Naruto arena?

win 15 battles with lee,tenten,neji

Did Robert E. Lee win the war?

no he lost to the Union but won a lot of battles

Who is lee sun shin general?

Sun Shin Lee (이순신) was a general that helped win the imjin war.

What did general lee accomplish at the battle of gettysberg?

to WIN!