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There were 7 battles fought in Virginia in 1861. There were 29 battles fought in Virginia during 1862. Eighteen battles were fought on Virginia soil in 1863. A total of 46 battles were fought in Virginia in 1964. Virginia saw 17 battled during 1865. In total 110 battles were fought in Virginia during the Civil War.

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Virginians were a common death in the civil war. Because the battle of Gettysburg and Richmond there were 32,512 Virginian deaths in the civil war.

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it was at the great bridge. most people think Yorktown but that's where it ended and British surrendered.

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Q: How many battles in the civil war were fought in Virginia?
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How many battles were fought in Virginia during the American Civil War?

There were 123 battles

How many Missouri battles in the civil war?

Missouri is officially reported to have had 1,162 battles and Skirmishes during the Civil War, ranking third behind Virginia and Tennessee for most battles fought.

How many battles were fought in Delaware during the civil war?

No land battles were fought in Delaware.

Where was the majority of civil was fought?

If this question means: "where was most of the US Civil War battles fought?" then the answer was in Virginia. Virginia's proximity to the Union borders and the Confederacy's capital of Richmond, Virginia was an invitation for many conflicts in Virginia. Aside from the location of Virginia, it was also a rich farmland that helped supply with food for much of the war.

How many battles were fought in Virginia?

One-hundred tewty-three

Are all the battles that Stonewall Jackson fought in part of the civil war?

Confederate General Stonewall Jackson fought in many US Civil War battles. The most notable ones were the following:* First Bull Run;* Antietam; and* Chancellorsville.He was wounded at Chancellorsville and died a few days later.Jackson was also successful in the many battles in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Why did so many civil war battles occur in Virginia?

The capital of the Confederacy was in Virginia

How many Battels were fought each year in the Civil War?

None. They fought battles instead.

Was the civil war near Houston?

Yes. There were many battles of the Civil War though. Some were big and many were small. These battles occurred in many states such as Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Dakota, Louisiana, New Mexico, Idaho, Missouri, Kentucky, Colorado, Kansas, Georgia,Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and the Carolinas. Most of these battles were fought in Virginia. Hope this helped!! :)

Where did most of the fighting during the US Civil War take place?

During the American Civil War, most of the actual fighting took place in and around the Southern state of Virginia. Given the close proximity of the Union and Confederate capitals of Washington, D.C., and Richmond (Virginia), both the North and the South made a concentrated effort in this region to achieve victories at each other's expense, although important battles occurred in other regions, as well.

What 2 states were battles fought in most for the civil war?

There were over 237 battles fought throughout most of the civil war. The two states with the most battles were Mississippi and South Carolina.

How many battles were fought in the union in the civil war?

In the civil warwas fought in the states of Maine New Jersey New York Maryland and penn. state there battles were 6 there were only 6 battles yet oen of the deadlist