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Three battles were won by the confederate

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Q: How many battles were confederate victories?
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What battles were important Confederate victories?

The Battle of Bull Run was one.

Who defeated troops at the battles of chancellorsville and fredericksburg?

Both of these battles were definite Confederate victories under the direction of Gen. Robert E. Lee.

What battles did the confederate states win?

The CSA won just about every battle and still lost the war. First Manassas, Second Manassas, Shiloh, and Chancellorsville were among many Confederate victories.

Where was the battle of frederickburg and chancellorsville?

Both of these battles were Confederate victories under the direction of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Both are in Virginia.

In the first two years why were there so many initial Confederate military victories in the East?

The Confederate troops won so many more battles in the East because the Union troops were poorly trained and poorly outfitted. Also, the Confederate troops had better generals than the Union troops had.

How did the US Civil War battles of Bull Run end?

Both battles of Bull Run were Confederate victories. Both battles were basically in the same place in Virginia.

The battles in late 1862 and early 1863 which encouraged the confederates were?

the Battle of Fredericksburg in December 1862 and the Battle of Chancellorsville in May 1863. Both of these battles were victories for the Confederate army and demonstrated their ability to successfully defend against Union attacks. These victories boosted Confederate morale and gave them a sense of confidence in their ability to continue fighting.

Which two battles were important Confederate victories?

Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville -APEX Second Bull Run (Manassas) Chickamauga

What were the major victories for the Confederate Army during the civil war?

1st Bull Run Seven Days Battles Second Bull Run Fredericksburg Chancellorsville Chickamauga

What are the dates of the battles of bullrun?

First Manassas/Bull Run - July 21st 1861 Second Manassas/Bull Run - August 29th 1862 Both were Confederate victories

What state did the battle bull run take place in?

Both the first and second battles of Bull Run, also known as the first and second Battles of Manasses took place near Manasses, Virginia. Both are considered Confederate victories.

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