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thats a really hard question to answer because many battles probably arent recorded. but since the north won the slave war i am guessing north did.

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9 north 7 south

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Q: How many battles were won by the North and South each during the Civil War?
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Did any wars or battles occur in Kentucky?

During the US Civil War, the State of Kentucky was the site of several battles between the North and the South.

Where did the battles of civil war mostly fought north or south?

The battles of the Civil War were mostly fought south, including Kentucky, Missouri and Maryland. The only great Battle fought north was that of Gettysburg.

How did the North and South name their battles during the civil war?

The South liked to name them after the nearest town. The North liked to name them after the nearest water-course - river, stream or creek.

Where did most of the Battles of the Civil War take place?

The majority of American Civil War battles were fought in Virginia. In fact, almost all battles were fought in the South. The Civil War was truly a defensive war for the South and an offensive war for the North.

What did northerners name civil war battles after?

During the civil war, the north tended to name their battles after the nearest body of water (usually a river or a stream, etc.) while the south tended to name theirs after the nearest town. Thus we have the confusion over Antietam (north)/sharpsburg (south) or bull run (north)/manassas (south).

Why are there two names for many of the civil battles?

The North had one name, and the South had another.

Did North Carolina fight for the North or the South during the civil war?

The Confederate South.

In the civil war did they fight in the north or the south?

Most of the fighting took place in the South, and most battles in Virginia

How many battles took place in South Carolina during the Civil War?

A total of 11 battles took place.

Was the north more destroyed by the civil war the the south?

South. More battles were fought in the south and cities like Atlanta were burned.

Did Ohio fight for the south or the north during the civil war?


Was the union south or north during the civil war?

The Union was North(: