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Q: How many civil war battles were fought in Virginia during the civil war?
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How many battles in the civil war were fought in Virginia?

There were 7 battles fought in Virginia in 1861. There were 29 battles fought in Virginia during 1862. Eighteen battles were fought on Virginia soil in 1863. A total of 46 battles were fought in Virginia in 1964. Virginia saw 17 battled during 1865. In total 110 battles were fought in Virginia during the Civil War.

How many battles were fought in Virginia during the American Civil War?

There were 123 battles

What Major battles fought in Virginia during civil war?

it was a border state

During the entire Civil war most battles were fought?

in the stated south and west of Virginia

Where were majority of battles fought in Civil war?


Most of the battles in the Civil War were fought in?

In Virginia

What two states had the most Civil War battles fought there?

Virginia and Tennessee were the two states that had the most Civil War battles fought in them. Virginia had 122 battles while Tennessee had 38 battles.

In which state were the most US Civil War battles Revalutionary fought battles fought?

The most battles fought in the US Civil War occurred in the state of Virginia. There were 212 battles fought in the state.

Where was the Civil War mostly fought at?

From 1862-1864 most Civil War battles were fought in Virginia, also many battles were fought in Tennessee.

Where were most battles fought in during the civil war?

The state of Virginia had more battles on its' soil than any other state.

Were there any civil war battles fought in Alaska?

No, there were no battles fought in Alaska during the US Civil War.

How many Missouri battles in the civil war?

Missouri is officially reported to have had 1,162 battles and Skirmishes during the Civil War, ranking third behind Virginia and Tennessee for most battles fought.

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