How many cold wars are there?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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None at present,

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Q: How many cold wars are there?
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Were there any wars in the cold war?

Yes, many. Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan were among the largest, but there were numerous wars related to the Cold War which were smaller in scale.

When was Cold Wars created?

Cold Wars was created on 2009-02-23.

How did the containment policy lead to the cold war?

because the cold war influence many different countries to interfere with the wars

How many wars has Russia had?

Russia had a lot of wars. The wars had happened because of bad gogvernment and other factprs

How are hot wars and cold wars alike?

A Hot War is physical actions while a Cold War is just threatening talk.

How did Peter Pan relates to the cold wars?

howcan I find information on the cold wars and on operation peter pan or pedro pan

Who was in the cold wars?

usa, Russia and china

What two wars occured during the cold war?

The Cold War resulted in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

What are the release dates for Cold War - 1998 Star Wars 1-22?

Cold War - 1998 Star Wars 1-22 was released on: USA: 1998

How did the Cold War lead to armed conflict?

The two major players in the Cold War were the US and the Soviet Union. These two nations did not have battles or real wars during the Cold War years. Other conflicts among smaller communist nations, and a large one, China, were related to the Cold War. Wars in Korea and Vietnam can be considered wars with roots in the Cold War.

What lesson can be learned from the mistakes of the Cold War?

Proxy wars are better than wars on your own teritory.

How was the cold wars different from other wars?

The two main opponents did not fight each other directly.