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Q: How many divisions did the German army have in 1938?
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How many divisions were there in the British army in 1938?

In 1938, there were 11 divisions in the British army.

How many army reserve divisions are there right now?

there have been two 5th Divisions now

How many men in a World War 1 corps?

A corps is two or more divisions. Frequently in the armies of both sides in WWI a corps had three divisions, but it could have more, There is no set number, just however many divisions seems best to the army commander. (A field army is two or more corps). So the answer depends on the size of the divisions fielded by the country of whose army the corps is a part. British, French and German divisions were around 12-15,000 men at full strength. US divisions of WWI were huge, more than 26,000 men. So, a US corps with only two divisions was bigger than any other nation's corps with three.

How many divisions did the French army have in World War 1?


how many troops in a division?

Depends. The U.S. Army has divisions of 10,000 to 30,000. Other countries have divisions of less than 5,000.

What are some ways to do a history project on life in the German army?

There are many things you can do to learn about the life in the German army. You can go to a library or you can go online to the history of the German army.

How many Union Army Divisions participated in the Battle of Bull Run?

There where 18 that particapted

How many tanks in a panzer army?

A Panzer Army is a Armored tanks with Infantry division in the German Military which included the Wehrmacht and branches of the SS. During the war, an Average Panzer Army would have 4-6 individual Panzer Divisions along with 6-14 Infantry and Cavalry Divisions and each Panzer Division at first contained around 400 Tanks at a time, so A Panzer Army would have around 2,000 Tanks a time. This decreased gradually during the war as soon as Germany launched Operation Barbarossa then Case Blue, which meant splitting the whole German Army on western Front into 3 sections then later on, split them into 2 smaller groups.

How many Germans soldiers were killed by the Soviets maybe more because they were fighting for 5 years.?

During WWII 607 divisions of the Axis were destroyed by Soviets. The Allies (without the USSR) defeated 176 divisions. In the greatest three battles of the war (Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk) over 2.5 mln German military were killed. Eastern front losses: Wehrmacht and SS - 6,923,700 Hungarian army - 863,700 Italian army - 93,900 Romanian Army - 681,800 Finnland army - 86,400 Total losses - 8,649,500

How many divisions are in the army?

Currently the US Army has ten divisions. 1st Armored, 1st Cavalry, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Infantry, 10th Mountain, 25th Infantry and the 82nd and 101st Airborne. And there are five independent brigades.

Was the Nazi army a good army?

The Nazis never had an entire army of their own, but they had the German Army under their direction, and it was a very good army which was very difficult to beat. There is a tendency to confuse German and Nazi in World War 2, but not all Germans were Nazis, just as not all Americans are Democrats. In WW2 it was not even required that a German general be a member of the Nazi Party, and actually most of them were not.

How many branches were in the army in war war 2?

The army is considered a singular branch of the armed forces. Because of this, there are no branches of the army, it is broken up into different corps, divisions, brigades and battalions.