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Over 2,000,000 people were left homeless after the Blitz. Of those 2,000,000, about 60 percent of them lived in London. The death toll for the Blitz was 60,000.

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Approximately 2 million. The main targets were big cities such as London.

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Q: How many homes were destroyed by bombs in Britain during the blitz?
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How many homes were destroyed by bombs in Britain and Germany?

During World War II, it is estimated that around 1.5 million homes in Britain were destroyed by bombs. In Germany, the number of homes destroyed by bombs is estimated to be around 3.5 million.

How many churches were destroyed in the Blitz?

The Blitz during World War II destroyed 19 churches in London when nearly 30,000 bombs were dropped. In addition to the churches, 31 guildhalls were destroyed, and thousands of people were killed.

Which European country did Germany blitz with bombs but fail to conquer?

Great Britain.

How many bombs droped during the blitz?


What country dropped the bombs on London during the blitz?


How many bombs were droped on London during the blitz?


How many homes were destroyed by bombs in the blitz?

Over 2,000,000 people thats loads of people

The blitz-where was the first lot of bombs dropped?

During the blitz the first lot of bombs were dropped in London in 1940... They had to turn all the lights off in the city so the Nazis did not know where to bomb.

How many bombs were dropped on Germany in the blitz?

None. The blitz refers to bombs dropped on England, not Germany.

What were the bombs in the blitz?

H.e (high explosives)/fire bombs and oil bombs

What was the blitz experience?

if you mean the London blitz it was air raids. bombs

What were Bombing raids over Britain in 1940 called?

thousandsBombing campaigns are not measured in terms of "how many bombs were dropped" but rather how many tons of bombs were used. The Luftwaffe dropped about 45,000 tons of bombs during the Blitz. Some of this tonnage was used on other locations but London received the bulk of the bombs up to May 1941.