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The vast majority of the people who died during World War II were innocent civilians. It is estimated that at least 50 million died during the six years of fighting. A true accounting may never be known.

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Q: How many innocent lives died in world war 2?
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What were the human costs of world war 2?

many innocent American lives were lost

How many innocent people died from the atomic bomb?

Depends on how you classify "innocent".

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== ==

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One thing that happened in the year of 2001 is when the World Trade Center fell and many innocent people died.

What are the consequnces of the Salem Witch Trials?

Many innocent lives were lost to ignorance, and religion.

How many innocent civilians died in air raids?

Around 60 million people were killed on all sides during World War 2. Most of them were innocent civilians.

Is railway related to world war 2?

Most definitely. The railways transported soldiers around places and transported many innocent lives to concentration camps which was controlled by the Nazis.

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It took too many innocent lives

How many people died at World War 2?

50 to 70 million people lost their lives in World War 2.

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How many innocent civilians died in bombing raids in Britain in world war 2?

Approximately 2 million people....Not quite, more like 67,000

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