How many men and women died?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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6 million

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Q: How many men and women died?
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Who of woman died for men in the name of love?

There have been many women who have died for men in the name of love. These women have been the subjects of many books.

How many women died during World War 2 in defense factories?

they did not get a lot men got double the amount than women.

How many men women and children died at the Trail of Tears?

there were 5000 men killed and 200 women killed and 50 childern .

How many American men women did united state lose World War 2?

Over 450 soldiers died. Many U.S men and women were injured and killed. 

How many black men women and children died during the KKK reign?


How many woman died in the Titanic crash?

Well mostly the men tied, the women got to go in safety boats while the men stayed on the boat and died. Some women died on the mini boats but others reached land.

How meny men died on the titanic?

1,340 men died on Titanic (and 156 women and children).

How many men and women fought in World War I?

Very few women 'fought' in World War 1. Over 30 million men fought, & more than 8 million men died.

How many children women and men died in all in the Holocaust?

The book "Thoughts About Women and the Holocaust" by Ringleheim, says that more women than men were killed. The men were used for slave labor. The women were often killed on their arrival in the camps.

How many 2nd class passengers on the titanic?

There were 265 people out of which were 158 men, 93 women and 24 children. All children survived. 14 men and 80 women died.

Why are there only LEGO men not LEGO women?

There Are Many Lego Men but not many Lego Women

How many people died at wounded knee?

The 7th Cav. lost 25 men and Killed Between 130 and 300 Men, Women, and Children.