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i think it was 3

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Q: How many men were enrolled in the confederate army?
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How many people on Confederate army?

estimation say from 500,000 men to 2,000,000 men.

How many people were in the siege of petersburg?

Grant's Union Army employed about 125,000 men. Lee's Confederate Army employed about 60,000 men

What is a union Draft Law?

The first effective draft by the federal government, called for all men between the ages of 18 and 40 to be enrolled into local militia units.The first was the Confederate Draft during the Civil War, calling for all men from ages of 18-35 to join the Confederate army

How many were in the confederate army in the civil war?

During the course of the war, one million men fought for the South

What was the largest year end total of the Confederate army?

On December 31, 1863, the Confederate army had 465,000 troops. This figure is slightly lower than June 30, 1863 when the Confederate army totaled 473,000 men.

What age were men required to serve in the Confederate army?

is it 16-40

How big was the Union Army?

The Union army was nearly twice as large as the Confederate army in the US Civil War. The confederate army had a strength of 1,064,000 troops while the Union Army had a strength of roughly 2,100,000 troops.

Did Virginia help the Confederate Army?

With men, material and leadership to the fullest extent of its capacity.

How many confederates were there in the battle of Chattanooga?

the answer is not zero but i do not know how many there was i guess around 5000 NEW RESPONDENT The Confederate Army at the battle of Chattanooga had 64,000 men.

Was Stonewall Jackson a general in the Confederate Army?

Stonewall Jackson was a Confederate General.

Which men surrendered at Appomattox Court House?

Lee surrendered his Confederate Army of Northern Virginia to Grant's Union Army of the Potomac.?

What was the name of the first Confederate army?

Confederate Provisional President Jefferson Davis created the first Confederate army in March of 1861. He called for 100,000 men to serve for twelve months. The army's name was the Provisional Army of the Confederate States. Davis named its first office, Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard to the position of brigadier general. He was a USMA graduate.