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Q: How many missions were flown by the average pilot in World War 2?
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What was the average number of missions a battle of Britain pilot would survive?

25 missions

What was the average number of missions a battle of Britain pilot would survive ww2?

25 missions

Was Neil Armstrong in any wars?

Armstrong was a veteran aviator: he had flown 78 combat missions over Korea as a Navy fighter pilot.

Who pilotes an aeroplane?

An aeroplane is flown by a person who is known as the pilot.

How many missions Walter Cunningham flown?

Walter Cunningham flew into space once as the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 7 in October 1968. This was his only mission in space.

Who was the best pilot in th world?

There is really no way to judge such a vague description. On what criteria would you judge, how many miles flown safely, how many aircraft flown, how many miles flown, - there is almost no end to the differences you might judge on.

How did the airplane hit the twin towers?

It was flown into it by a crazy pilot

Can a plane be flown by one pilot?

Some planes can, yes. A plane that weighs 12,500 lbs or less, and isn't powered by jet engines, can be flown by one person. There are a very few single-pilot jets, but most jets require two pilots.

Who flies an airplane?

The airplane is flown by a pilot who has been trained and then authorized by the appropriate authorities.

Can Qatar airways be flown by a black pilot?

Of course. There are black pilots working for Qatar.

How else did the wright brothers change the world besides the airplane?

they founded the wright brothers master pilot award . this is for very successful pilots. you have to have flown for over 50 years.

Which us presidents is a fighter pilot?

No US President hadany record as a combat fighter pilot. George W. Bush was in the Texas Air Froce Reserves and he may have flown old fighters, but never in combat. His father, George H. W. Bush was a notable bomber pilot and flew dozens of missions in WW II. Dwight Eisenhower was certified as a pilot of some sort but never flew in combat.