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There are 3 battles of Ypres, popularly called Wipers by the British. In 1914 the halting of the German offensive cost over 200,00 casualties. (October & November) In April & May of 1915 poison gas was used for the first time. There were over 100,000 casualties. The third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) July to November 1917 had over 200,000 casualties. Detailling the numbers actually killed is very imprecise.

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First Battle of Ypres:

50,000-85,000 French soldiers

21,000 Belgian soldiers

19,500 German soldiers

Second Battle of Ypres:

70,000 Allied soldiers

35,000 German soldiers

Battle of Passchendaele (Third Battle of Ypres):

Between 200,000-500,000 Allied soldiers (total figures are disputed)

Between 250,000-400,000 German soldiers

Battle of the Lys (Fourth Battle of Ypres):

120,000 Allied soldiers

120,000 German soldiers

Fifth Battle of Ypres:

Exact figures not available. Proceeded by the Battle of Courtrai.

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About 10 million people total from both sides were killed, which was much greater than any other wars due to the developed technology and weapons

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In the three battles of Ypres, but mostly in the third (Paschendale), the British had more than 1 million soldiers died. The majority of these soldiers were British or French.

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Q: How many people died at ypres in world war 1?
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Who and how many people died in the ypres battle?

50,000 People died in the Battle of Ypres

How many people died in the battle of ypres?

I assume that you are talking about the second battle) 6,000 people died at Ypres.

How many died at ypres in world war 1?

Over 2000 canadians were killed in the battle of Ypres during WW1. This was the first time poison gas (made from chlorine) was introduced in WW1.

How many Canadians died in the second battle of Ypres?

about 6000

What or where was the battle of ypes?

Well if you mean the battle of ypres then it was a series of 4 battles fought around a town in Belgium called ypres during the first world war. During these battles the Germans used alot of poisonous gas, chlorine gas. There was heavy fighting, some of the heaviest in the whole world war and many people were killed. In the second battle of the ypres john condon who is the youngest known soldier to die, age 14, died.

How many British soldiers died during the battle of Ypres?

70,000 soldiers died during the Third Battle

How many people did chlorine gas kill during the battle of Ypres?

a lot

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Ypres, Somme, Mons, Verdun, Lorraine, Jutland, Cambrai and many more