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12,000 died in the Vermont 1st Regiment 3,500 died in the Vermont 22nd Regiment

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Q: How many people died during the civil war from Vermont?
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How many died of salmonella during the civil war?

Only 150 people died of salmonella during the civil war

How many people died in total during the US Civil War?

about 700,000 people did in the civil war. so sad.

Why were there so many deaths during the civil war?

people died

How many people died of diseases during the civil war?

About 123,452

How many people died from malaria during the civil war?

It is estimated that 11,000 people died from measles during the Civil War. Dysentery was the worse disease to kill soldiers, it is estimated almost 100,000 died from it.

How many people died during the battle at ft Sumter in the civil war?

About 16,745

How many people all together died during the civil war?

Over 600,000

Who many people died during the English Civil War?

1 person fortunately.

How did the people who died during the US Civil War get killed?

Soldiers in the US Civil War died mostly from disease and poor hospital care in hospitals. The remainder died during the many battles between the North and the South.

Who died during The Russian Civil War?

millions of people died, including all the members of the Royal family the Romanovs

How many people died at Vicksburg during the civil war?

20 confederate and 1 union

How many people died because they helped slaves during civil war?

over 1,000