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The number of British soldiers killed in World War 1 was about 880,000.

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Q: How many people died in great Britain during World War I?
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Who did great Britain belong to during world war 1?

Great Britain was never occupied by the enemy, and 'belonged' to itself and its people.

Who was the king during world war 2?

George VI was king of Great Britain during World War 2.

What was the name of the Great Britain's government during World War 2?

Britain had a coalition government during World War 2

What was Great Britain's role in militarism?

during World War I, Britain had a very strong military.

What nation was an ally of the US during world war2?

Great Britain

Was Winston Churchill the leader of Great Britain during World War 2?

Yes, he was the prime minister and military leader of Britain during world war 2

What strategy was used by Great Britain to put Germany's economy to a standstill during World War 1?

Great Britain used bombs

Which country did not fall to the Nazis during world war 2?

Great Britain did not.

What side was Great Britain on during World War 2?

The other side.

What was the capital of Great Britain during World War 2?

London, England

Who was the primer minister of great Britain during world war 2?


During which war was the battle of great Britain fought?

World War II.