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There is no exact number for it because many soldiers and civilians were captured or lost and no one really knows what happened to them. Also many "disappeared": moved somewhere else e.g. from Europe to the US. We don't have records from that time on how many people were actually alive so it's impossible to say how many died.

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There were almost 11,016,000 deaths in WWI and 59,028,000 deaths in WWII.

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Q: How many people died in ww1 and 2?
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How many people died in ww1 World War 2?

ww1 was about 11,016,000. ww2 was about 59,028,000

How many people died in world war 1 and in world war 2 altogether?

WW1: About 37 million people died.WW2:About 60 million people died.= 97,000,000

How many people died in world 2?

2 people died in ww1 , one was your mum,halve her head got ripped of a canibal and the second your auntie dislexia, for having all her head kiked in :)

Who many people fought in ww1?

Over 2

How many people used a mishine gun in ww1?


How many people died worldwide in World War 1 and World War 2?

In WW1 1,700,000 died and in WW2 55,000,000 died.World War One: 1.7 million died.World War Two: 55 million died.

how many people are on the world and how many people have died?

2 million people have died, and 2.milion people are in the world.

Did more people die in WW1 than World War 2?

No, many more people died in World War 2 than world war 1. It is estimated that 16 million people died in World War 1, and around 60 million in World War 2.World War II was no where near as violent as World War I, but yes, more people died in World War II.

Were more people killed in ww1 or World War 2?

46million for ww1 1600million for ww2

How many people died in the ironclad battle?

2 people died

What percent of England died during WW1?

Nearly 1 million Britons or members of the commonwealth died in action in ww1 which at the time was 2% of the British population. Hope this helps!

What do people in Britain do to acknowledge Remembrance Day?

We wait until its the 11th November at 11 o'clock and stand for 2 minutes to think about the people who died for us in WW1 & WW2