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one to the head works pretty good =)

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Q: How many rounds were fired to kill one enemy soldier in World War 2?
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Why was it hard to bury the dead in trench warfare?

Because if you went to go get a fallen soldier, the enemy didn't really care and they still fired at you, so you had to risk your life in order to bury a dead soldier.

How were trench mortars used on the battlefield during World War I?

they were stuck in the trenches and were fired out to hit the Enemy

What are rounds when it comes to guns?

A round is another word for a bullet that has been fired or is in the weapon. For instance in the army if a soldier asked another how much ammo they have they would say "i have _____ rounds left" or if someone asked you how much you shot someone you would say "they got hit with three rounds" so its just another name for a bullet.

Can a 222 round be fired from a 223 AR-15?

No. The two rounds are not interchangeable.

How many shots are fired at a military funeral?

Normally three rounds of blank ammunition .

How many bullets per second does a Mickey Thompson gun fire per second?

The early Thompson sub-machine gun fired at up to 1200 rounds per minute, which translates into 20 rounds per second. Later versions fired at 600-720 rounds per minute, giving a rate of 10-12 rounds per second.

What was the number of rounds fired by the Lewis machine gun?

The Lewis gun used a pan type magazine, either 47 or 97 rounds of ammo.

When the enemy came dangerously close to the regiment what did the men do?

They fired upon the enemy without waiting for the command.

What is a good sentence with the word artillery?

The artillery fired away at the enemy.

How many rounds are fired each time a target presents itself on the Army 9mm qualification course?

30 targets presented, 40 rounds of ammunition issued.

What ammunition is used in a M1A2 abrams?

120mm rounds of all types fired from a smooth bore cannon.

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