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by 1914 Britain had 250 ships compared to Germany's 56 ships.

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Most of them.

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submarine giblets

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Q: How many ships did Britain have in World War 1?
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What were the first 3 American ships sunk in World War One?

They were cargo ships importing food to Britain.

How many ships in world war 1 were torpedoed?

4 ships were torpedoed in World War 1.

Who had the most naval ships in world war 1 and 2?

In WW1 Britain had the largest navy, in WW2 the USA had the most ships.

How many merchant ships were sunk in World War 1?

103 merchant ships were sunk in world war one

What Was World war 1 like in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic Theatre was not home to many battles, but there was an abundant population of German submarines with orders to sink any Allied ships or ships going to Britain.

What were the total Britain casualties in World War 2?

449,800 Britons were killed during the war. Many of them were civilians that died as a result of the blitz and ships being sunk in the Atlantic Ocean.

Was great Britain a war zone during World War 1?

there was no infantery figths in Britain but London and some port cites were bombed by airships or zappelins and naval ships

Why did many Americans wanted to go to war with Britain?

because Britain refused to stop seizing American ships that traded with France

Why did France and Britain begin seizing us merchant ships?

At no time in the war did the UK seize US merchant ships. As far as I know nor did Viche France. Until 1941 the USA was officially neutral but openly traded and sent weapons to aid the British continue the war against the Axis. After 1941 the US and Britain became allies.

What military need led to the production of liberty ships?

Liberty ships were built during World War II. These ships allowed for the ability to get war materials to United States soldiers stationed in the Soviet Union and Britain. These ships could be built quickly for this purpose.

How many ships sank in world war 1?


How many ships were used in World War 2?