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8 times louder

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Q: How many times louder is an air raid siren than a lorry?
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How many times louder is 80dB compared to 40dB?

80 dB is 10 times louder than 70 dB, and 70 dB is 10 times louder than 60 dB, and so on. Therefore, 80 dB is 1000 times louder than 40 dB.

How many times louder is a 20 decibel sound than a 0 decibel sound?

100 times louder. You will hardly hear a 20 db(SPL) sound at all.

How many syllables in siren?

There are two syllables in siren. 'si ren'

How many syllables are in the word lorry?

The word lorry has two syllables. (Lor-ry)

How many watts is a tornado siren?

A tornado siren typically ranges from 100 to 130 watts, depending on the size and model of the siren.

Normal speech measures 60 dB A busy street measures 70 dB How many times louder is the busy street than normal speech?

70 dB is 10 times louder than 60 dB.

How many pages does The Wailing Siren Mystery have?

The Wailing Siren Mystery has 192 pages.

How many dead people can you fit in a lorry?

What kind of bloody question is that, but I will answer it for you anyway.... It all depends on the size of the lorry

How many cars fit on a lorry?


How many kilogram does a lorry weigh?

maximum gross weight for a lorry in the uk is 44 tonnes (44 000 kg)

Is the tornado siren the same as a nuclear explosion siren?

No, tornado sirens are used to warn of approaching tornadoes or severe weather, while nuclear explosion sirens are used to warn of an imminent threat of a nuclear explosion or attack. Both sirens serve different purposes and are designed to alert people to take appropriate actions based on the specific threat.

How many times louder is 100 dB that 10 dB?

A 10 dB sound pressure level (SPL) is 0.000063 pascal and 100 dB is 2 pascal. Loudness is a problematic psycho acoustic feeling. I don't know what three times louder really means.