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About 2000 tons. It wasn't much more because of the crippling they received during the Battle of Britain. If Germany hadn't been so relentless, the British involvement would have been greater and we might have actually been able to capture Hilter.

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he total tons of bombs dropped in World War 2 was 2.7 Million tons of bombs. We dropped about 1.5 Million tons of bombs on Germany alone.

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Q: How many tons of TNT were dropped in World War 2?
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How many tons of tnt equals the power of a atom bomb?

that varies with yield, which is specified in tons of TNT and would thus be your answer. atomic bombs have been built and tested with yields from 10 tons of TNT to over 50 million tons of TNT.

How many tons of TNT would it take to produce a 2 megaton explosion?

It would take 4,000 tons of TNT to produce a 2 megaton explosion.

How many tnt to destroy the earth?

It may take a thousand of tons on TNT to pack a nuclear bomb. But to destroy the earth, it may take billions to trillions tons of TNT plus a nuclear igniter to blow the earth to bits of dust.

What is the mass of matter that changed into energy when the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki with an explosive power equivalent to 20000 tons of TNT was approximately?

The bomb had a weight of almost 10,000 pounds.

Why was the atomic bomb dropped on Japan in world war 2 have so much TNT?

The bomb did not have tnt. The atomic power is measurred using tnt was the base. TNT is a unit of energy equal to 4.184 gigajoules, which is approximately the amount of energy released in the detonation of one ton of TNT, and a bomb with one kiloton has the blast compared to one ton of tnt.

How many tons make a mega ton?

A megaton is equivalent to the destructive power of 1,000,000 (a million) tons of TNT. "Mega" is used as a prefix meaning "a million".

What is a nuclear explosion which releases energy equivalent to 7000000 tons of TNT called?

A nuclear explosion that releases energy equivalent to 7,000,000 tons of TNT is known as a "megaton" explosion. This term refers to the explosive power of the nuclear blast in relation to the traditional unit of measure for explosive force, which is tons of TNT.

How big was an atomic bomb in the Nagasaki war?

The MK-III Fatman bomb dropped on Nagasaki was:5 feet diameter10 feet long5 tons weightThe bomb's yield was 21 Ktons TNT equivalent.

What was in the boat of the Halifax explosion?

there was 2000 tons of TNT, 10 tons of gun cotton, 35 tons of benzoyl and lots of artillery shells.

What is 1 atom bomb equal to?

its equal to 20000 tons of tnt

How big was the nuclear explosion?

The size of a nuclear explosion can vary depending on the yield of the weapon. The explosions can range from several kilotons (thousands of tons of TNT) to megatons (millions of tons of TNT) of explosive power.

What could 500 tons of TNT destroy?

500 tons of TNT could potentially destroy a large building, cause significant damage to a small neighborhood, or create a crater several meters deep, depending on how it is detonated and other surrounding factors.