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I dont think any one voultrned for world war one they were all drafted into the army,navy, and airforce.


are you actually serious?!?!

i can confirm that the number alone of british men who volunteered was roughly 1.8 million

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Roughly 2.4 million enlisted is what i read in a book.

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11 million in total after the war was done

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Q: How many troops did Germany mobilize in the World War 1?
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How many troops did Germany deploy in World War 1?


How many troops did Russia mobilize in World War 1?

Germany mobilized 13.25 million troops in World War 1. Surprisingly this was more than Russia did, but by a small margin. Still, based of Russia's population, one might believe Russia would have had a greater number than Germany.

How many US troops are stationed in Germany?

There are approximately 68,000 US Troops stationed in Germany.

How many US troops were stationed in Germany in 1980?

Since the end of the Second World War to the present day.

How many troops does Germany have today?

they have today about, 500,000 special forces troops

How many people did Russia mobilize during World War 1?

2 Weeks

What new technology was considered the most important tool for a nation to mobilize?

If you are talking about World War I, then:The railroad was the new technology that was considered the most important tool for a nation to mobilize. The railroad was capable of transporting troops, along with their weapons and supplies, to the front in the opening phase of the war. Many observers regarded the railroad as the key to victory or defeat.

How many troops did the US Germany and Japan have in World War 2?

The total number of troops supplied by those nations was well over 7 million, on the low end. Probably more.

How many troops did Germany have during the war?

400 0000

How many allied soldiers and Germans fought on d day?

156,000 ally troops 125,000 germany troops

Why did Russia begin to mobilize its troops?

Rusia and Germany do not have a common border. Because they did not trust the Germans as farr as they could throw them. thinking as one dictatorship about another. Russia had gone to war with Germany's ally Austria. It was a preventative measure in case Germany joined the war on Austria's side.

How many men did Japan mobilize in World War 1?

Although Japan did declare war on Germany in world war 1 they never actually mobilized any men. They did, however, send aid and supplies to other counties during the war.