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Approximately 4,000. He commanded a division at Gettysburg, and the three brigades in that division where under the command of Lewis Armistead, Richard "Dick" Garnett, and James Kemper. In Pickett's Charge, Armistead was mortally wounded, Garnett was killed, and Kemper was captured but then rescued in the nick of time. After Gettysburg, his severely damaged division was placed in Richmond to defend it. He was given command of all the troops in Richmond, and at the battle of Five Forks (which he lost) he commanded about 10,600 men.

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Q: How many troops did gen Pickett command and where?
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general pickett IMPROVEMENT. After the death of Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville the second in command was Gen. James Longstreet.

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he disliked slavery even though he was a confederate

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Maj. Gen. George Pickett .

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