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On the Allied side, a little over 30,000 paratroopers. On the German side numbers are uncertain, because after heavy earlier fighting elsewhere most German units that were resting and/or refitting in the region were severely under strength, so the known number of German army units mean little as to actual available troops.

The regular German troops in the area that the Allies knew of beforehand had been estimated at about 25,000, many of them from batallions containing elderly and partly disabled soldiers. No-one had counted on the batallions sent there just to rest and refit. It is a safe bet that the remnants of these batallions numbered at least another 25,000 troops, all battle-hardened veterans. The 'elderly' soldiers proved very good fighters as well, by the way.

So the Allied troops were as it turned out heavily outnumbered, and the German command proved to be swift-thinking and decisive. Allied commander Montgomery had been warned before the start that there might be many more German troops in the area than anticipated, but he refused to change his plans.

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Over 10,000 allied reinforcements were dropped and had to fight for 9 days and nights against the German forces. After nine days they were 18 hours behind schedule.

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890 poo fRTS

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Q: How many troops fought in operation market garden?
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How many paratroopers totally jumped in operation market Garden?

41,628 airborne troops .

Were operation market and operation garden different stages of operation market garden in world war 2?

Yes. Operation Market was the airborne phase of the overall plan, during which British and American airborne troops were landed to seize bridges over the Waal, Maas and Rhine Rivers. Operation Garden was the simultaneous movement of British 30 Corps, designed to carry these ground troops rapidly over the bridges seized by the airborne and across the Rhine. Shortcomings in the plan, poor command performance, stiff enemy resistance, and bad luck combined to prevent the crossing of the last bridge onto the east side of the Rhine, which was the whole point and purpose of the operation.

What did the victorious nations gain for winning operation market garden?

An airdrop carried on by several division of Parachute and airborne troops to seize the bridges across the Maas River.

How many troops died during operation market garden?

There were probably more than 11,413 Allied caualties and just less than6,000 Axis Killed in Action. Civilian caualty numbers were low but that isstill disputed.

What was Bernard Montgomery's biggest defeat?

operation market garden in France/Belgium when the allies attacked after knowing that several new German armored divisions and the airborne troops sustained heavy losses and the armored divisions were slow in getting there

When did German Tribes invaded Britain?

British troops fought on the German border during operation Market Garden, defending the Nijmegen (Holland) area from counterattacks in the Reichswald forest area. This fighting heavily involved the US 82nd Airborne Division. This was in September 1944. Soon after and further south, US troops entered Germany with a bitterly-opposed, and not very successful, assault on the Aachen area. After the failure of Market Garden the British consolidated and concentrated on securing the port of Antwerp- the allied armies were now at the end of long and thin supply lines after their breakout from Normandy in August. Later, in February 1945, the Reichswald was attacked during Operation Veritable. This brought British and Canadian troops onto pre-1939 German soil. Subsequently, the Rhine River was crossed in Operation Varsity. Both these attacks were large, planned in detail, and were typical of Field Marshal Montgomery's style of command.

What is market garden?

Market Garden was the codename for the plan to take Holland back from the German occupiers. Market was the codename for the paratroopers who took part in the biggest parachute infantry attck in history behind enemy lines. Garden was the codename for the ground troops that were to cross through Holland and go right into Germany.

How many Allied Forces troops fought in D Day?

Over 170,000 Allied troops fought in D-Day.Over 170,000 Allied troops fought in D-Day.

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Canadians fought in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle but not as Canadian troops, they were an extension of the British troops but the first time they fought as Canadian troops was at the battle of Somme.

What wars or missions have have Canadian troops helped?

WW2Dieppe RaidOrtona, ItalyMonte Cassino, ItalyAttack on Gothic Line, ItalyD-Day invasion of Normandy, France (one of the 5 beaches were dedicated to the Canadians)Operation Market-GardenWW1Other WarsThere were not a lot of wars that Canada fought in by themselves. They were a part of Great Britian, so they fought with them in many wars prior to WW2, including WW1.

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