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The last two British veterans from World War 1 have just died (July 2009).

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There are no more veterans of World War 1 alive. If they were alive they would be roughly 120 years old now.

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Q: How many us soldiers are still alive from World War I?
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How many soldiers in the US are still alive from WWll in 2010?

About 2,000,000 US WW2 veterans are still alive (includes sailors, marines, airmen, coastguardsmen, and soldiers). See related links for more details.

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How many soldiers from World War 1 are still alive?

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs as of Sept. 08 there were 2,583,000 still alive. The percentage that die each year does go up due to age, cancer, and other factors. The average age of a ww2 veteran is approx 75-80 years old today.

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Francisco Varallo is the only player still alive from the 1930 final. He is 99. I am not aware of any other players still alive.

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How many World War 2 veterns from the us are still alive?

Go ask them yourself.

In 2007 how many World War 1 veterans are alive?

Sir Henry Allingham is still alive I think and Harry Patch possibly.

How many veterans of the battle of the bulge are still living?

The youngest soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge would be 85, or turning 85 this year. That would mean that some of them still are left, but their numbers would be diminishing rapidly. I don't know a figure for how many soldiers from that Battle are still alive, but they now say that almost 1,500 Veterans of World War II are dying every day. If you run into any World War II veterans - thank them.