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They had 17 usable ships. 22 types of Land weapons/guns/tanks/vehicles, 18 different types of small arms, 77 different types of airplanes under the categories of fighter planes, bomber planes, transport planes, training planes and others. US Marine Corp Sergeant P. W. Cavnar says it would be difficult to know the exact amount of weapons in each category that the US had before the war. I had to manually count all those types of weapons and it was not possible for me to determine the total amount of every weapon.

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Several thousand types were used and many millions of weapons

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Q: How many weapons were used in WW2?
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How was the nuclear weapons used?

Two were dropped on Japan to end WW2.

Which countries used nuclear weapons during the war?

The only country that has ever used nuclear weapons in any war was the US, at the end of WW2.

Which country first used nuclear chemical for war?

Chemical weapons were first used in war by Germany in WW1.Nuclear weapons were first used in war by the US in WW2.

What war were nuclear weapons used in and why?

Nuclear weapons have only been used in anger in the Second World War (WW2) - they were used against the Japan to bring the war to an end.

Which two wars did the US used the nuclear weapons?

Just WW2, they have never since been used in war.

What are the differences between weapons in World War 2 and ww1?


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List of Korean War guns?

With the exception of the jet aircraft, the airplanes, warships, tanks, infantry weapons, wheeled vehicles, radios, artillery, etc. were ALL World War II weapons and equipment. Including many of the men fighting the war; many of them were veterans of WW2. For a list of those weapons see websites concerning WW2 weapons.

Would you punish the US for usind nuclear weapons?

In WW2, no. If used again, maybe. It depends on situation.

Did the UK or America drop a nuclear bomb on the Taliban?

no!!! nuclear weapons have not been used since ww2.

Were nuclear bombs were used in Iraq?

No, the only nuclear weapons ever used in combat were the two used in 1945 on Japan to end WW2.

Why did people fear that chemical weapons would be used in ww2?

Because they worked so well in World War I.