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4 clips

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Q: How much ammunition did American soldiers in Vietnam carry?
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How do you use plural of ammunition in a sentence?

soldiers always carry ammunition for reload their gun.

Why did soldiers carry ammunition?

to defend themsleves

How much ammo did US soldiers carry in World War 2?

In accumulation the soldiers cared around 22 million tons of ammunition while there Germans carried 67 million tons of ammunition

Did American soldiers carry Vietnamese dictionaries with them during the war?

American soldiers were partially trained in the Vietnam language before they left to fight, but most certainly did use a language dictionary while there. It didn't take them long to pick up some of the language fast because it kept them alive. Many American soldiers (depending on where they were stationed) could speak fluent Vietnamese.

What is the reason for using a bandolier to carry ammunition?

A bandolier was first used in the sixteenth century in order for soldiers to carry ammunition. Depending on the gun or rifle it will only hold a certain amount of ammunition, therefore using a bandolier will hold more, ready for when it runs out. It's useful for combat and the bandolier is fitted across the soldier's chest.

Did soldiers carry pictures of friends in the Vietnam war?

Girlfriends & wives. Soldiers have carried and still do carry pictures of anyone who they hold dear. Soldiers away from home, especially in combat situations need reminders of those they leave behind. Some soldiers anyway. Some soldiers do not carry anything that reminds them of home, especially those serving in special ops units.

Can you carry ammunition on a commercial flight?

Not in your carry-on baggage

Where can you find 40-50 ammunition?

Check Wal Mart stores that carry ammunition for guns.

How many pounds of equipment did a typical American Civil War soldier carry?

Generally, not less than 50 pounds, including rifle and ammunition

What does pass the ammunition mean?

"Pass the ammunition" is a phrase historically used during times of conflict or warfare to request that someone provide additional ammunition for soldiers to continue fighting. It signifies the critical need for ammunition to sustain a battle effort.

How many clips can i carry?

As many as you can carry. There are no legal limits in the US on the quantity of ammunition one may carry.

What did the Australian Soldier have to carry when on the Kokoda track?

Arms, ammunition, food.