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$667 USD in 1941 being hand made

$141.44 mass produced from 1942 - 1945

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Q: How much did a Browning M1919 .30 cal machine gun cost?
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What machine gun was better the German MG42 or the American Browning 30cal?

Both had their strong and weak points. The Browning M1919 was not designed as a 'general purpose' weapon, but rather, a medium machine gun, and thus lacked some of the features of the MG42, such as a design which allowed for it to used to some reasonable degree as a squad level support weapon, if need be. The M1919 always had to be mounted on a tripod during operation, whereas the MG42 had a bipod. The method of attaching the M1919 to the tripod was much simpler than the same process for the MG42. As for rates of fire, the MG42 had a rate of fire of around 1200 rounds per minute, which was effective at keeping heads down, but also burned through ammunition stocks quickly, and caused rapid barrel overheating, which required the barrel to be changed at regular intervals.

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