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The French P was the main currency; and that was worthless compared to the US MPC (Military Payment Certificate/or Military Payment Currency). Collectors might want the material for this century (21st) however.

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Check with a collector; it was worth nothing when MPC hit the market.

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Q: How much is the south Vietnam 1964 dong worth?
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How much is a 500 ngan hang quoc gia viet-nam worth?

"Ngan Hang Quoc Gia Viet Nam" is Vietnamese for "National Bank of Viet Nam". The wording was used on the coinage (and, presumably, paper money) of the Republic of Viet Nam (South Viet Nam). As there was no South Vietnamese coin with a denomination of "1000", I presume that you are refering to a 1000 Dong bill from South Viet Nam. While I know enough to know that its value would depend at least somewhat on its condition, I do not know what the range would be, nor whether there were multiple issues of 1000 Dong bills.

How much does a car cost in Vietnam?

About 165 000 000 Dong

What is the name of the money in vietname?

South Viet money was called "P" or Piasters. They preferred US MPC (Military Payment Certificates). The currency in Vietnam is the Dong

Were was the Vietnam war take place?

From the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), roughly 10 kilometers north of Dong Ha, south to the Mekong River delta at the southern tip of Vietam. Also from the South China Sea to the east all the way to (and sometimes into) the borders of Laos to the north and Cambodia to the south.

What is a Vietnam Combat Veteran?

It is a veteran who served in the US Military during the time of the Vietnam War without defining the role played within the war itself. It is not saying that they saw combat in Vietnam or that they were even in Asia. Very few who saw actual service in Vietnam would actually use that terminology, preferring something like I was at Dong Ha, or Khe Sahn or Danang. It does not however automatically mean that they did not serve in country.

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How much is 1 Vietnam dong worth in Canadian dollars?

1 Vietnam Dong = $0 Canadian Dollars

How mch is a 1964 10 dong Vietnam cong-hoa coin worth?

You need to check with "coin" and "paper currency" collecting books and websites.

How much is 5000 Vietnam dong dollars worth?

5 dollars

Where can you can your Vietnam dong in?

you mean where can u get your Vietnam dong in? lots of places!

What kind of money is used in Vietnam?

The currency of Vietnam is the dong (VND).They use the 'Vietnam Dong'

How much is a Vietnam 1000 dong worthmotngan dong?

As of October 2, 2013: 1000 đong is worth about 0.047 US dollars or 0.035 Euro.

What currency is use in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, they use the currency called 'Vietnam Dong'. One thing interesting i find about Vietnam Dong is that $1AUD = 16,100 Vietnam dong. (5/11/09) 4:37PM which is a BIG difference.

Is money from Vietnam worth anything?

Yes. The Vietnamese Dong has a relatively stable value for a developing country. It just happens that the individual unit of the Dong is one of least valuable units. (It is around 21,500 Vietnamese Dong to the US Dollar.) However, most things in Vietnam cost multiples of 20,000 Dong, which is roughly the same as how in the US most things are priced in whole dollars.

What is Vietnam 10 dong worth?

It was worth nothing when MPC hit the marketplace; check with collectors for it's current status.

Is a ngan-hang quoc-gia viet-nam 500 dollar bill worth anything in usd?

Piasters were the primary South Vietnamese currency during the Vietnam War. And US MPC (Military Payment Certificates/and US Greenbacks were blackmarket at the time) were always preferred by the Vietnamese nationals when dealing with GIs. Any monies by any other name are stangers to the Vietnam War.

What is the city in South Vietnam that was immediately north of the norther most American base in South Vietnam?

The closest South Viet city to the DMZ was Dong Ha. Past Dong Ha (going north) were firebases A4 and C2, called Con Thien by the US Marines when they were there. Going north past A4 & C2 was the "Z" (DMZ).

What is the Vietnam dollar called?

The Vietnam dollar/currency is "Dong"