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Land was not destroyed at Pearl Harbor. The bombs destroyed buildings and shore facilities. They sank many ships and destroyed aircraft on the ground. They were unable to destroy the facilities used to repair the ships, which proved a major factor moving forward in the war.

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The cost of all property was $323,917,123

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Q: How much land was destroyed at Pearl Harbor?
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Pearl Harbor grossed $449,239,855 worldwide.

How much money did Pearl Harbor gross domestically?

Pearl Harbor grossed $198,539,855 in the domestic market.

How many US planes were bombed at Pearl Harbor?

In the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces on December 7th 1941 destroyed 188 planes.No data can be found as to how many planes have been destroyed in the entire history of aviation in that given location, though I doubt it's much more.

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it is free

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How much money did it cost the Japanese to bomb the us during Pearl Harbor?

the japanase spen over 100,000 dollars on the attack on pearl harbor

How much us ships sunk in pearl harbor?


How much property did the US loose in pearl harbor?

They lost nothing. The Japanese thought America was going to fight back, so they didn't claim any of the land.

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15663 hectares of land was destroyed during black Saturday.

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A lot of money

How did the pearl harbor happen?

Japanese sending 353 airplanes with Japanese men in their and headed towards Hawaii where they were veterans there and they attack much of the one part of the Hawaiian islands most damage were from pearl harbor