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Similar to modern day shotgun

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Q: How much recoil did muskets have?
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Why were rifles perferable to muskets?

The rifles had much better range and accuracy over smoothbore muskets.

Why were muskets better than bows?

Muskets fire a heavier lead ball at a much higher velocity than a bow. Muskets will also go farther.

How much do 30 caliber recoil?

How much more does a 30 caliber revolver recoil than a 9mm?Thanks

How much recoil does a 270 have?

A .270 has a good amount of recoil i suggest getting a shoulder pad and a stand for the gun

How much kick power does a 270 calibre rifle have?

Recoil of a firearm is based on how heavy and fast is the bullet, and how much does the firearm weigh. Change any one of the 3, and recoil will change. The AVERAGE .270 Winchester (16.5 lbs recoil) will have less recoil than a 30-06 (17.6 lbs recoil) but more than a .308 Winchester ( 15.8 lbs recoil). How recoil FEELS can be affected by several things, including shape of the stock, recoil control devices (such as pads) which spread recoil over time, etc. Good article for some more reading for you-http:/wwwzperiodzchuckhawkszperiodzcom/recoil_tablezperiodzhtm

Sentence for recoil?

i recoiled when i heard that the spider was still in my room

Were muskets wooden?

Muskets are part wooden part metal.

Can you give me a sentence with the word muskets?

Please load those muskets.

About how many Model 1854 Austrian muskets did the South get?

100,00o muskets in 1854.

What is a sentence with the word recoil?

She fired the gun, causing it to recoil sharply in her hands.

How much recoil does a 9mm have?

Depends to some degree on how the cartridge is loaded, and the weight of the gun firing it- heavy guns recoil less. Recoil is similar to a .38 Special- more than a .22, less than a .45. My granddaughter is in her mid teens and shoots my Browning Hi Power 9mm, so recoil is not that bad.

What is the prefix of recoil?

The prefix of "recoil" is "re-".