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No certain answer. Everybody was different ages when they fought and even different years, some even joined underage. The age for joining was 18, so lets say they were 18 and joined in 1939. 1939 minus 18 equals 1921, meaning they were born in 1921. 2012 (the year at time of writing) minus 1921 equals 91. So anyone who joined in 1939 and was aged 18 would be 91 now.

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Q: How old would you be now if you fought in World War 2?
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We shall all respect remembrance day and think about what life would have been if those soldiers never fought. They had fought for freedom if they had not fought in the battle you would not go to soccer games the world would just not be like the way it is right now, so you shoud be very happy.

How did World War 2 alter the world?

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There are still several hundred people around who fought in World War 2 but the youngest will now be in their mid-eighties.

How old are the people now that fought in World War 1?

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In the world war 1 more people suffered than wars now. In ww1 there was lesser weapons . People got headlice in ww1 but now no. in ww1 they stay as there state but in modern they act like baddies and kill the baddies.

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