How powerful was a B29?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The B-29 had a maxium speed of 357 MPH, and a cruising speed of 220 MPH. It had a combat range of 3,250 miles and could fly at 33,600 feet. It was armed with 12 .50 cal. machine guns (some had a 20 mm tail gun) and could carry 20,000 pounds of bombs. It had a crew of 11 men.

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Q: How powerful was a B29?
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Which was th best bomber in World War 2?

Most powerful was the B29 Superfortress. For the axis powers, the Val dive bomber sank the most allied warships.

What was the type of plane that dropped atomic bomb on Nagasaki?


How were the atomic bombs used on japan?

they were dropped from b29 bombers

What was the name of the pilot which dropped the atom bomb?

boxcar b29

Where is the B29 boxcar of World War 2 now?


How many us b29 bombers were able to fly to safely land on Iwo Jima?

According to official records, about 2400 emergency landings were made on the island by B29's and presumably, by their P51 escort fighters.

Who is invented the enola gay plane?

It was a B29 Super-fortress built by Boeing.

What place was the US B29 bomber plane targeted in Hiroshima?

Enola gay.

What was the b29 bomber's nickname?

The plane was known as a B-29 Super fortress.

How long did the B29 fly to nagasaki?

The time is something I dont have but the distance was about 1500 miles.

World War 2 bomber gay name?

Enola Gay, B29 Superfortress

How many people as on the Enola gay?

the B29 normally carried a 11/12 man crew