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Rarity is only part of the question....overall its pretty rare...but I have 2 copies and no library to put them in. Condition is the main thing.

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Q: How rare is the book The war of the nations portfolio 1919?
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How rare is the 1919 British Penny?

They are not rare at all.

Are 1919 pennies rare?

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Neither of these are considered rare.

How rare and how much is a 1919 Wheat penny?

A 1919 Lincoln cent is not rare or even scarce. Average circulated coins are worth about 10 cents.

Is a 1919 Indian head nickel rare?

No it's not.

What makes a book Rare?

A rare book is one where there are very few copies in circulation

How much is a 1919 wheat penny worth?

1919 is not a rare date for Lincoln cents ... In average circulated condition, it's worth about 10 cents.

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1919 Lincoln cents are not rare. Most circulated coins are 25 cents to $2.00 depending on the grade.

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in the 1800s are rare.......the Red Book tells you all kinds of rare dates

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