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Q: How thick is the hull of an aircraft carrier?
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What is bigger the titanic or an aircraft carrier?

an aircraft carrier

How many carrier ships do Navy have?

Hi there, From my research, USA have 11 Aircraft Carriers, Italy have 2 Aircraft Carriers, United Kingdom have 2 Aircraft Carriers, Brazil have 1 Aircraft Carrier, Spain have 1 Aircraft Carrier, France have 1 Aircraft Carrier, India have 1 Aircraft Carrier, Russia have 1 Aircraft Carrier, China have 1 Aircraft Carrier, Thailand have 1 Aircraft Carrier. Hope this helped!

Where is the hull of an aircraft?

the hull is the body of the aircraft, just like the hull of a ship is the body of the ship. it is the outside skin and the framework

What a carrier?

In naval jargon, a carrier is an Aircraft Carrier. The aircraft carrier REPLACED the battleship as a capital warship.

What does cv in us navy stand for?

CV is the hull type designation for an aircraft carrier. This is not to be confused with the aircraft carriers of today, which are CVN. The 'N' stands for nuclear powered. CVs were conventionally powered with boilers.

Is it okay to test sinking the aircraft carrier?

Only there's no one on the aircraft carrier.

What does the letter R mean in the NATO aircraft carrier pennant numbers?

aiRcraft caRRier

What does the CV stand for in a navy ship?

U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers carry the primary hull designator "CV", for Carrier Vessel, with "CVN", for "Carrier Vessel, Nuclear". In WWII, there was a CVE (Carrier Vessel, Escort) designator to denote resupply carriers for main CV's. It could be dependent on which navy you had in mind, but CV is used by several naval forces to denote an aircraft carrier.

What is one of the World's most strongest aircraft carrier?

The USS Eisenhower carrier is the most strongest aircraft carrier in the World.

How did naval aircraft fight the war in the Pacific?

Carrier fighter vs carrier fighter. Aircraft carrier duels. Carrier planes (naval aircraft) have folding wings/or wing-tips for shipboard operations.

How much does a cvn aircraft carrier weigh?

How much does a Nimitz class aircraft carrier weigh

When was Vikrant class aircraft carrier created?

Vikrant class aircraft carrier was created in 2015.

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