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The US did NOT allow the communists (USSR) to expand during the cold war.

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Q: How us manage the USSR ideology during cold war?
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Who did the USSR support in the cold war?

The USSR supported Russia during the Cold Was.

USSR during cold car?

uhhhhh... cold car?

What were the superpowers during the cold war?


What nations did Latvia side with during the Cold War?

Latvia was not an independent country during the Cold War. From 1944 to 1991 Latvia was part of the Soviet Union (USSR). So it was on the side of the USSR, because it was the USSR.

Who headed the east bloc during the Cold War?

The USSR headed the eastern bloc during the Cold War.

Who was the US s enemy during the cold war?


What two countries were the world powers that competed during the cold war?

The USA and USSR competed during the cold war

What was the USSR government structure during the cold war?

Dictatorship yo. !

Where were the 2 super powers during the cold war?


Who were the Presidents of USSR during cold war?

Mikhail Gorbachev , stalin,

What were the 2 opposing superpowers during the cold war?

US and USSR.

What was the official policy concerning the USSR during the cold war?

During the Cold War, the US put diplomatic, military, and economic pressure on the USSR. There was never any active combat associated with this "war."