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some states wanted to keep slaves so they seceded from the country refusing to give up the privilege of slaves

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Q: How was America divided during the American Civil War?
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What was the American south called during the civil war?

The Confederate States of America

Who was the President of theunited states of America during the American Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.

Was New York divided during the Civil War?

during the civil war, teams were divided into: mets yankees giants dodgers.

What important events took place in the beginning during and after the romantic era in America?

American Revolution and The Civil War

During the Civil War where was the capital of the United States of America?

From 9 September 1791, the seat of the national capital of the US has been Washinton DC. And, so it was during the American Civil War.

Did Oklahoma have cities or counties during the Civil War?

Oklahoma was in fact divided into counties during the Civil War. It might have had cities, but the maps are divided into counties.

Is Abraham Lincoln an author in fort Wayne?

No he was the 14th president of the united states of america during the american civil war.

How was the nation divided during the Civil War?

The Southern states seceded from the United States and declared themselves a nation called the Confederate States of America.

What effect of formation of Confederate States of America did it have on the nation?

The United States divided and eventually started the Civil War. During the Civil War, more Americans died than in any other war.

What name was given to the northern states?

During The American Civil War, Northern states were called The Union as they remained in The UnitedStates of America.

Did all of America fight in the American Civil War?


What war in America was the bloodiest?

The American Civil War