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The blockade was used by the Union Soldiers to blockade southern ports so that they could not import or export goods.

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blockades prevented supplies such as food, ammo, and medicine from other nations from reaching the south

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Q: How was blockade used in the civil war?
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What was used by the North during the civil war to limit South's trade?

The Naval blockade

What was used to close city ports during Civil War time?

Union naval blockade

How was the navy used during the civil war?

The Union navy was mostly used to blockade principal southern ports

Which of these best describes the blockade of Southern ports during the Civil War?

The blockade was more effective toward the end of the war.

What were the ships used for during civil war?

The ships were used as a blockade, so the confederate could not leave and retreat from the southern states.

The North did this to Southern ports during the Civil War?


What were most boats used for during the civil war?

The Union had more ships than the Confederacy. The greatest amount of these were used on blockade duty.

What was a Civil War blockade?

The civil war blockade was when the Navy covered the Southern's coast so that no one could get through. The South could not trade and they could not get supplise or food or even money.

What is the name for preventing ships in or out of a harbor during the Civil War?


How many ships were in the blockade fleet that the north sent to the south during the civil war?

194 Ships in the blockade fleet.

How did the blockade affect the southern aconomy during the civil war?

The blockade prevented needed supplies from coming in, and cotton from going out

How did the blockade during the the civil war help the north?

The blockade stopped the south from importing and exporting goods to other areas.