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During the US Civil War, rich men could pay others to take their place. During the Vietnam War, rich men entered wealthy colleges to obtain "draft deferrments."

Also, wealthy men could pay $300 to avoid being drafted. This upset many poor people, and the Civil War was also now know as the "Poor Man's War". It earned this title because so many poor men, and poor slaves were fighting for money, and were forced to fight.

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Q: How was the draft avoided in the Civil War?
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How was the Civil War nearly avoided?

The US Civil War was delayed by the Missouri Compromise, but not avoided,

Did the civil war was avoided?

No, it was not avoided. It occurred.

What ways can the civil war be avoided?

anyone know two ways that war can be avoided.

When the US military draft begin?

The US military draft began in the US Civil War (1861-1865).

Did Germany have a draft in World War 2 and could it be avoided by going into the Catholic church?

Yes, Germany did have a draft during World War 2, but it wasn't avoided just by "going into the Catholic church". It was avoided by becoming a priest or nun in the Catholic church.

When Was the Last War Draft?

The first US draft was during the US Civil War (1861-1865); the last US draft was during the Vietnam War (1961-1975).

What was another name for the draft during the civil war?

Conscription is the draft during the civil war improve by 3 time u is dunb

What was the draft during the civil war?

It was voluntary.

Were you in trouble if you did not fight in the Civil War?

There was a military draft during the Civil War, so if you evaded the draft you could get into trouble. Of course, not everybody was drafted.

Was the draft riots a war?

The US Civil War & Vietnam War experienced draft riots. These were physical violent protests against the military draft (conscription).

How many men dodged the draft?

The Vietnam War had 16 million men that avoided US military service (dodged the draft).

How was the public reaction to the draft similar in both Civil War and the Vietnam War?

The US Civil War (1861-1865) was the US's first military draft; the Vietnam War (1961-1975) was the US's last military draft. Both the Civil War & Vietnam War had draft dodgers and draft riots. Both the Civil War and Vietnam War were un-declared wars; in both wars, the South lost the war; during both wars the US President was assassinated; during both wars a Vice President Johnson took over office.